Staff is integrated by lawyers specialized in trademaks, patents, utility models, drawings, industrial models, schemes of integrated circuits, patent information, vegetable obtentions, sanitary registrations, transference of technology, exemption, copyright, registration of domains.

Our team:

Dr.Héctor San Martín Jordán.

Dr. Héctor San Martín Jordán was born on May 9th, 1947 in Guayaquil, Ecuador. He graduated as Doctor in Law in Central University of Ecuador and is one of the founders of Estudio Jurídico San Martín-Verdesoto. He has been dedicated to legal and commercial advisory, creation of companies, public arrangements, and intellectual property. Also, he has attended to differents trainings in other countries. He represents some foreign enterprises based in Ecuador. Dr. San Martín Jordán worked as permanent co-judge of Supreme Court of justice and Altern Spokesman of National Council of Judge Office.

Abg. Martha Verdesoto Ruiz.

Martha Verdesoto Ruiz was born on November 6 th, 1957 in Quito. She graduated at Pontificia Universidad Católica of Ecuador and is one of the founders of the office. Her professional experience has taken her to a wide and complete knowledge of legal and commercial themes as well as those related to migration and intellectual property. Also her experience covers the area of representation of foreign enterprises in Ecuador. In addition, she speaks English fluently since she attended to New York University.

Abg. Osmel Aroche Pérez.

Osmel Aroche Pérez was born in Cuba on June 17 th, 1971. He graduated as a lawyer at Universidad Central Martha Abreu de Las Villas, Cuba, in 1997. At this moment he is part of SanMartín-Verdesoto Office staff. During his professional development he reached a high level of specialization in industrial property and transference of technology. He was the Director of Industrial Property Cuban Office in Villa Clara, Cuba. Academically speaking, he has attended to international trainings what has taken him to know more about industrial property and to become a professor of this branch at Universidad Central Martha Abreu de Las Villas. Also he teaches Intellectual Property at Universidad Católica of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

A considerable group of agents distributed all over the world is part of our work team. They collaborate in close relation with the Office.

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